My Favourite Books of 2017


I’ve really enjoyed the majority of the books I’ve read this year. Here are six of the best in my opinion.

  1. Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, writes about his life growing up in South Africa and his identity. I don’t actually read many non-fiction/ memoirs, but I absolutely enjoyed reading Noah’s life story. It was hilarious, reflective, informative, and provoking. One of my best reads in a long time.

2. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

This book was mentioned everywhere I went (e.g. at work, on my Goodreads account, in a sermon at church). I figured that I should read it and a friend actually gifted me the book. I would recommend this book as it is helpful in understanding yourself and others.

3. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Yoon is my new favourite author and this was the first book I read by her. I loved her writing style and her decision to create diverse main characters. I may have to re-read this one in 2018.

4. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

I bought this book as the wait list in the library was too long (also the price was good). The main reason I picked up this book was due to the trailers for the television series as it looked intriguing to me. I did manage to read the book before watching the show. In the reading of the novel I was more than intrigued by the world Atwood had developed.  I was disturbed, perplexed, and pensive. Mostly, I was left with the thought – could this really happen to women? And when I thought about how Atwood created this story, you realize that she pulled ideas from the trials and atrocities humans have encountered throughout the history of the world. While we try to not repeat the mistakes of the past, some things don’t change. That is truly scary.

5. The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui

This is a debut novel for the author who writes her memoir in a graphic novel format. Bui reflects on her past (e.g. living in Vietnam, immigrating  from Vietnam in the 1970s, and her relationshio with her parents) while managing her emotions in being a new mother. I felt the author was open and honest about her story. The illustrations were also a moving method of depicting her life. I hope to read something else by Bui in the future.

6. Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

This is another ‘first’ for me in terms of reading anything by this author. Long Way Down is a novel in verse about a young man confronting the issue of revenge when his brother is shot dead. While I am not a fan of the supernatural element of the novel (I guess it could fall with the ghosts of Christmas past of A Christmas Carol), Reynolds produces a work of impact. Essentially, he writes a novel that takes place within 60 seconds. Crazy. Cool. Creative.

So those were my top reads for 2017. I look forward to 2018 and as always HAPPY READING!




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