The Hope of Freedom

truthFebruary as many know (or perhaps many still do not know) is Black History Month. I believe that black history is all our history and should be acknowledged as much as possible throughout the year. 

With that being said, here is one of the latest books I have read and want to share with you. The Gospel Truth  is a historical fiction YA novel written by Canadian author Caroline Pignat. I took my time reading this book as it was written in free verse; I wanted to savour the words. Considering the author is a Caucasian woman from Canada, I thought she was able to deliver an authentic voice of the teenage African American slave, Phoebe, who lived the deep South. Pignat did her research and from it she create a stunning piece of work. Pignat challenged herself by writing from not only a single character’s POV, but from multiple characters (5 in total). Every character she used each had a distinct voice which added layers and dimension to the story.  While the plot of book may be slightly predictable, the reading of the book was thoughtful and vivid for me.

Great book and great effort by a Canadian author! I want to thank Pignat for being an example of someone who understands the fact that the stories of history belong to all of us and need to shared with everyone.

I also want to applaud the artist for the striking book cover. The artist was able to portray the character with exact detail as provided by Pignat.