Do You Dare?

don't push the buttonI haven’t written a post in a while so I will try to do a couple in October. 

I have discovered a new interactive picture book entitled Don’t Push the Button by Bill Cotter. I brought this book with me on field trip for the kids I work with (it was a long bus ride…the book was a helpful entertainment tool).

Readers are introduced to a monster named Larry who tells you not to push a button. However, two pages in he entices readers to push the button and when you do crazy things happen to Larry. First, he turns yellow, next he gets polka dots, later he duplicates, and eventually after being told to press the button many times Larry multiplies! Aside, from pressing the button, children can shake the book too! The illustrations in this book are bright, clear and simple. It certainly helps children note the differences that occur within the story. While the story is an easy one, when I compare it to the book Press Here, I was a little disappointed that there was not more actions required from reader beyond “pushing a button” and shaking the book. Based on the kids I read the book with, I feel the 3-4 years old appreciated the story and had fun with it.

Will you dare to push the button? Happy reading!!