Ladies in the desert: Biblical novelization of the Exodus

IMG_3792Seven Days to the Sea  is a novel by Rebecca Kohn. It tells the story of the Israelite exodus through alternating POVs between Moses’ sister Miryam and his wife Tzipporah.

I picked up this book in passing at the library, I had never heard of this novel or the author (sometimes reading an unknown book is daring as you never know what you will get). I was pleased with novel and I am glad I read it.

I felt Kohn maintained the foundation of Bible’s account while adding details to provide dimension and verisimilitude to the novel. I enjoyed reading the story through the eyes of the women who were closely tied to Moses and how their relationship with each other developed throughout the novel (in-laws are tricky).The characters of Miryam and Tzipporah were well developed and the author did not fail in providing flaws in these leading ladies. I really appreciate reading about characters that are not perfect as that is what makes them seem more human; more real. The ladies of the novel were wonderful foils for each other, yet in many ways they were similar; particularly in regards to their devotion and at some times obsession with Moses.

Overall, I enjoyed this biblical novelization and I am still impressed by the realism Kohn created in the settings and in the characters of her novel.


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